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Górska i Skakun

shut up and shoot me/homework

sobota, 30 sierpnia 2008

VPRO 3voor12

Poster presenting VPRO 3voor12 as the ultimate online broadcasters, live and on demand/Marcel Kampman

Real Dutch Design books

Marcel Kampman

Crash Records / Generic 12" Sleeve[s]

A series of generic 12" record sleeves for Toronto-based Crash Records. The idea was to use a generic sleeve design for the various releases since they didn't have the budget to do an original cover/sleeve design for each artist release. Another challenge was the variety of music they were putting out, multiple genres and sub-genres requires a very generic design. I decided to convey what was inside the sleeve in the most basic and rudimentary sense/Mike Giessler

A Broader Perspective - Book

This book was the result of an internal campaign/photo competition [themed around the
notion of A Broader Perspective] for the staff of Elsevier. The content
is a mix of amateur photography, quotes about books, facts about
ScienceDirect [the product we were promoting] and results from keyword
searches performed on ScienceDirect/Mike Giessler

poniedziałek, 25 sierpnia 2008

The Mooncats

There first album titled 'Adventures in space'. It explores how shapes hold the space around them/MrBowlegs


This terms desktop wallpaper made at Studio-Output, you can download the special interactive desktop changer over at Studio Output, get involved/MrBowlegs

The Mooncats

A series of 4 posters that I collaborated on with Andy J.Miller, we created a series of illustrated planets that The Mooncats explore/MrBowlegs

Highgate Bar & Kitchen

Identity, custom typography, stationery & poster. Self initiated 2007/En Bloc

MoS Resident Mix CD

Design & custom type for CD sleeve promoting Ministry of Sound's new resident DJ. Studio Output 2008/En Bloc

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czwartek, 21 sierpnia 2008

The Epitaph

Typographic interpretation of the lyricsfor Where Are They Now by Nas/Non-Format

Milky Globe & Friends, Magic Waves

CD jewelcase with slipcase.Illustration by Deanne Cheuk/Non- Format

Stateless, Prism #1 and Bloodstream

Typo/photographic images byJake Walters/Non-Format
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