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This graceful stool is made with a solid walnut frame and a solid elm top. Imo folds down through its centre, allowing it to be wall mounted using an accompanying walnut peg, so it may look as elegant when stored as it does in use/pinch

Safety Pin Light

Safety Pin Light is a desk light made of aluminium tube and an electric cable. Its form defines its function: the coil makes the light‘s arm spring out; to position the light just hook it at wanted height/Maja Ganszyniec

wtorek, 29 września 2009


Flauna (flora/fauna) incorporate a single split branch to form shelving units/ Peter Marigold

Tilt II

Peter Marigold

Split Box shelves

The Split Box shelves use the simple geometric principle that:'The inverted angles of a shape split into pieces will always add up to 360 degrees.The angles can be interchanged but will always form a whole.'/ Peter Marigold

Box Legs

Modern day consumer behaviour involves the inability to dispose of cardboard boxes 'in case' an electrical product fails. The Box Leg elements fit around the boxes using a simple string tourniquette, the leg attachments propose to convert this contemporary neurosis into a piece of luxury furniture/Peter Marigold

SUM shelves

These are a production interpretation of the Split Box shelves created as part of the SCP Boxed collection. SUM is a wall mounted asymmetrical shelving system made in solid cherry with brass fixings. The shelves use the same four angles in different configurations to create three shapes of units. SUM comes as a set of three, with the individual shelves in three sizes, designed to fit together in an infinite number of ways. Each sized piece is different in shape, with three of the four sides featuring a groove that allows for flexible configuration. SUM can be built up to any size; depending on the wall or location it is placed in. The finish and quality of SUM is to the highest standard and features a refined joinery detail in the corners/Peter Marigold

Stamp. Disposable/reusable cutlery

Avoiding any unnecessary elements, the design of Stamp cutlery uses the form to give structural strength making the most out of the properties of aluminium. It is disposable, recyclable, stackable and very light weight/Tomás Alonso


A modular system designed to create a support structure to grow climbing plants in an indoor environment.
The project aims to provide users with the building blocks to create an active ecosystem of their own, to create a natural environment inside their own private or work spaces with all its physical and psychological advantages. The care of growth will be important in stimulating a relationship between the user and the natural plants that are part of their living system.Home greenroom system was first shown as part of Livingspace exhibition held at Internos gallery during the Milan Furniture fair in 2005. It has also been selected as an Excellent Work at the International Design Competition Osaka 2005 organised by the Japan Design Foundation. More recently the project was shown in exhibitions in London at the Design Museum and Whitechapel Gallery/ Tomás Alonso

5 degree stool

A stool reduced to its minimum expression. As temporary seating devices, long term comfort is not usually a mayor priority in the design of stools. 5° stool uses that premise as a starting point to explore the use of a different formal language that focuses on reducing the amount of material and space used to a minimum/Tomás Alonso

5 degree table

Borrowing from the aesthetics of the 5 degree stool, a temporary seating device reduced to the minimum expression, the 5 degree table is an obvious evolution into a temporary (or not so temporary) trestle table/minimal and simple/ Tomás Alonso

Élévation sur table

An exploration around a traditional table setting that aims to find a new language by rearranging its elements and by adding subtle changes to other ways very familiar pieces. Fine traditional materials like porcelain, sterling silver and fine cotton are combined with a new formal language that focuses on the details to produce a unique table setting both, from a visual as well as from a handling point of view/It.'s cunning and catchy/Tomas Alonso

Mr. light series

Mr.1, Mr.2 and Mr.3 are the first three of a series of lights designed around the new LED T8 tube light bulbs. Aside from being radically more energy efficient and durable than standard fluorescent bulbs, these newly developed light tubes allow for more flexibility with the design by reducing the number of components needed to power them as well as by not needing a reflector shade. These lights explore the formal continuity between the bulb and the fixture while playing with the way the materials come together to produce a series of unexpected characters/Tomas Alonso


The seats are made out of big sheets of pattern paper or wallpaper, filled with expanded polyurethane foam. The folded structure acts as a mould and as an "upholstery"; after being shaped the empty paper chair is steady enough to hold its form and enable polyurethane casting/Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay

Pleated Pleat

Borrowing a technique used in fashion production, Raw-Edges folds and re-folds DuPont™ Tyvek® to create a series of plush seats. The method of pleating allows the flat, non-elastic material to become a springy, three-dimensional cushion when filled with soft polyurethane foam/Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay

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