poniedziałek, 25 kwietnia 2011

Low Chairs Family

Jovana Bogdanovic


Lukas Peet has created the Hanging Light, using an energy efficient fluorescent bulb

piątek, 22 kwietnia 2011

Brass Ensemble

A series of ready made furniture frames for temporary use. The frames are made from 22mm or 28 mm compression fittings for plumbing and 22mm or 28mm ramin dowel. Poster in collaboration with Alex Bettler/Jorre van Ast


Clamp-a-Leg consists of a wooden furniture leg threaded into a simple metal clamp, allowing people to quickly transform any flat surface into a functional work surface. Clamp-a-Leg uses less material than a trestle and is easy to ship, store, and assemble. Inspired by and learning from the Clampology project, the clamp principle has moved to another scale: a clamp-on table leg. The legs are a more compact alternative to trestles. The legs come as an individual set of four legs to match any surface/Jorre van Ast

pithead cage

Pithead Cage is an adjustable storage system, which was used primarily in the mining industry.
This new interpretation is designed for a small kitchen or bathroom, to store implements and stuff nearby the cooker or the washbowl. You can fix your objects to the hooks at the cage or you can place them in the container. Using the cord you can lift or lower the Pithead Cage/Sebastian Herkner

clip chair

Keeping the philosophy of De Vorm in mind, the Clip Chair has been designed environmentally friendly without wasting any material during the production process. The result is a classic, detail-oriented and solid chair made of selected, high-quality ash. The Clip-chair is a refined design with a distinctive feature. The idea behind the ‘Clip’ is the colouring of the attachment between the back and the legs of the chair, whereas the colour stands in direct contrast to the wooden elements. The charm and the beauty of the Clip lies hidden in its functional simplicity/Sebastian Herkner


The stool Moki gains its stability solely from the tension created between legs and seat. The seating surface, a hollow rotomoulded body, incorporates the three foldable legs, while grounding and enhancing the fibre-reinforced polyurethane used for the seat/Cosima Geyer

wtorek, 19 kwietnia 2011

sobota, 2 kwietnia 2011

tight stool

Tight stool is a wooden puzzle of legs and seat kept together with a coloured thread. This stool is inspired by the elementary binding system people use in everyday life to place together loose elements and form, change or fix objects. The thread is essential to the construction of the stool, it's the structural binding element, but it indirectly brings a decorative note that refers to the tradition of trimming. With a simple element as a rope, individual elements stick together to make a seat/Diane Steverlynck
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