niedziela, 20 lutego 2011


The outdoor washing line is making a comeback as a low-energy alternative to tumble dryers, and its classic shape has also inspired this efficient coat rack. Made from lengths of hemp cord strung between steel pipe posts, Hampa’s simple shape can be easily installed and quickly stored away. Hampa is a novel design that combines tradition and innovation, and is as suited to retail fashion displays as it is to coat checks, hallways or reception areas/bernstrand


A wood basket must be easy to carry. Easy to clean underneath and have a peculiar idiom. It was these thoughts I had when I designed the wood basket Log, where the contrast between the rough hewn birch and white, soft forms conveys a modern, naked expression/bernstrand

niedziela, 13 lutego 2011


A stackable stool made in turned metal and ash legs. The wood legs works like a natural stop when they are stacked/Sami Juhani Kallio


A armature made of untreated ash, where the cord is hidden inside the steam bended arm. The base is in metal and shade in aluminum. With the skrew of brass you can adjust the hight on the arm. The shade is easy to moved along the arm with the leatherband/Sami Juhani Kallio

czwartek, 3 lutego 2011


Chameleon chair is a monochrome chair, where the simplicity of a Shaker chair is disturbed by a soft upholstered backrest cushion, which is en¬closed in the structure between the two sides.
Like the chameleon, which manages to change colour and integrate into its surroundings, the chair plays with the perfect match of colours between the stained ash structure and the textile of the upholstered cushion/Gam Fratesi


Beginning of this project was the fascination of the fantastic shapes that can be achieved by folding a single piece of paper. We are constantly working with models and paper templates in our work process, and we were interested in the relation between the defined forms and the thin material. Therefore parallel to our shape studies a process occurred with material research in order to find the right material to forward these shapes and to perform a chair with this paperthin and simple expression.
It has been a long and complex process, and prior to the final prototype we have realized a wide range of models in 1:1 both in thermoforming, veneer and iron. The final result is made of a 3 mm aluminum sheet, thereas the name 3 mm chair, and this ultrathin aluminum shell, is placed on a cantilever structure, which makes the shell float in the back. The structure is more robust than the shell, which creates a strong contrast that makes the shell seem even lighter, and look just like a sheet of folded paper/Gam Fratesi


Rewrite desk was created for an exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design of Copenhagen in September 2009, is since jannuary 2011 in production with Ligne Roset.
The idea behind Rewrite began as a study of the desktop and especially an atmosphere and feeling we believe is needed even in the middle of an accelerating communication and technology. Rewrite is thought of as a kind of isolating workingbubble, that can work as a satellitedesk anywhere one can feel the need of concentration and shielding – in open space offices, public spaces or at home. With its rounded shape it can be placed freely as dots in a room. A private base in the group without being a denial of it, but an addition to it causing an alternative.
In our design of the desktop Rewrite we have worked on creating a meeting between something well known and something surprising. The table is therefore traditional in its form and material, but when the big screen is added, both proportions and historical references are brought out of balance. In the table functional elements have been integrated as a white lacquered metal box, which is attached under the table in order to hide cables and transformers, and the cable exit in the tabletop is white lacquered too. The screen is upholstered and covered with textile because of its visual and acoustic characteristics. It has a cave-like shape and creates a secure and intimate sphere, which partially closes out disturbing light and sounds. It has a doublesided acoustic function that protects against noise from the outside as well as from the inside/Gam Fratesi

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