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These bags are made out of synthetic paper, labelled with sterling silver. They are light, waterproof, recyclable and extremely tear proof/Saskia Diez


DRY Soda Co.

turn style studio


Designed by Denmark-based Line Depping, Borrod table is a project playing with order and disorder. An idea to tidy your working desk in an instant. The table top slide open mechanism allows you to tidy your desk in an instant whilst also providing a useful storage compartment for cables and alike. the flexible inlay also acts as a screen for privacy/via: designyearbook

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Hampus Jageland


Hampus Jageland

A Pudding Package for Every Buyer

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Alton Brown

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The Roman poet Ovid wrote an epic by the name of Metamorphoses, weaving together various Greek, Roman, and older myths into one reasonably cohesive narrative. Its general theme is, unsurprisingly, metamorphosis; physical transformation as the last and most powerful expression of some sort of internal sea change/Constanze Moll
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