niedziela, 22 maja 2011


This series is inspired by the artistic concept of packaging of products, buildings and trees, like it exists in art (Christo). This series has three bags of Tyvek, a material that looks a bit like paper but isn't. The visual aspect of packaging is central in this series/Ilvy Jacobs

wtorek, 17 maja 2011


gud conspiracy


Inspired by the movement of whales. It's a sculptural solid wood chair constructed using traditional joinery techniques/gud conspiracy


Inspired on the traditional portuguese 'dobadoura' (a tool used to wind skeins of wool), we create a lamp that allow us to roll up the wire around the object, making as many configuration as you want. In old portuguese the word to describe this movement is 'doba'/gud conspiracy


A flat-pack stool that conjugates metal and wood in order to create a elegant and honest piece of furniture. Plicare is a Latin verb, meaning to bend, that way we explore the properties of the metal to achieve our purpose/gud conspiracy

niedziela, 15 maja 2011


A set of biodegradable cellulose vases, pots and pendant lights. The biodegradable hand-made ‘kami’ collection of pots, vases and pendant lights encourages a new approach in eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle products. Made from 100% biodegradable cellulose, an extremely solid yet, light material, 'kami' transforms this most abundant natural raw material into objects for daily use by simple air drying. Ideally tinted in a grey concrete color tone, the ‘kami’ collection is an ideal design object for any contemporary space/ett la benn


A steel tubular coat hanger. The 30mm metal rod is tinted with powder-coated paint/Paolo Cappello

Book Lamp

Book Lamp is an iconic and minimalist hanging metal rod lamp for a book; its dual function makes it attractive and playful/groupa studio

Piao 飘 -Paper Chair

Gluing layers of paper is the way how to make a traditional paper umbrella. Our Paper Seat is using the same craft. The paper layers are combined until the chair is strong enough to sit on, but is still keeping its flexibility. Hand made paper is rich of natural fibers that give strength to carry a person and is therefore our choice for this comfortable chair/innovo design

Accordion Cabinet

Somehow there is movement in this creation; even without the operation of opening and closing the doors. The rhythmic series of wood textile undulating in and out, the play of shadows and the varying light and dark wood tones create a melody as the object stands alone. It is these eye catching features that draw one into the object and spark your interest to interact with the cabinet. Opening the doors and watching the fabric stretch and fold; the beauty of natural wood that has become something flexible, it is all an experience that keeps you intrigued and interested. It creates a moment, as the designers had intended, that is an emotional connection. The goal was to create this unique furniture piece with character that promotes a longer lasting relationship between the object and user/Elisa Strozyk and Sebastian Neeb

wardrobe bench

The WARDROBE BENCH is the the perfect assistant for tying your shoes. Both “storeys” of the bench are waterjet cuted out of one linoleum covered laminated wood panel. At the one hand the “lower storey” stabilizes the construction and on the other hand it offers a comfortable platform for tying shoes. The bench can be disassembled and shipped very flat packed/Paul Evermann

Di Corte

Di Corte, designed by Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio and Elisabetta Amatori of Resign, is a series of chairs that look as though they’re going back to their roots

Trestle stool

This is a small stool with a big personality. Its construction is based on the classical trestle found in barns and outhouses across Sweden. The trestle is a multi purpose design that can function as many kinds of furniture. The surface is covered with furniture linoleum, a material chosen for its scent of linseed oil and matt tactile surface. This natural material will mature and wear beautifully as the Trestle stool follows its owner through a lifetime/modern times


The table defines a place of great personal significance. The rough granite table top and the slender birch construction describe the West coast of Sweden with its archipelago of harsh cliffs and groves of birches. This particular region has always affected and influenced us as persons/modern times

sobota, 14 maja 2011

piątek, 13 maja 2011

clover lamp

mut design


VAZNA is a hand-blown, double-sided glass vase with the bottom suspended off the middle. The two parts of unequal volume are joined, making VAZNA a unique structure in glass of unique aesthetic. Its larger part, 20 centimeters in length, accommodates larger bouquets. The smaller part holds smaller bunches of flowers.


LAKO is a bent-steel wire rack for storing books and magazines..Compact and light, it can be placed next to a sofa, along the bed or in a similar spot. Periodicals and books that are arranged on it become a mini, mobile library. The handle at the apex of LAKO can be used to move the rack around. Its pure structure of straight lines and angles permits various possibilities for storing publications/Studio Macura


On a trip to spain I visited a great company producing yarns with paper. This was the starting point of the designs of the Bask collection. Together with a basket maker of Bavaria and the paper company I developed a special paper and technique to use the yarns for 3 dimensional objects. A metal grid supports the shaping of the baskets and bowls. Basks are objects to store things. Upside down you can use them like small side tables/Sebastian Herkner

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