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Jac Jac

“Facts are what is needed. Cold hard facts!” Nothing describes Jac Jac better. It is what he lives by. Jac Jac enjoys reading, but he has no time for stories. He reads from complicated books larger than his head and prides himself with his ability to recite the periodic table backwards/noferin


Claudius is incredibly strong, with arms thicker than most large tree trunks. Satisfied with the simple things in life, Claudius never asks for much. He is a kind-hearted old soul who enjoys counting ducks, swimming on the lake and likes to spend warm summer afternoons stretched out on the grass practicing how to sleep/noferin


Pecan is the oldest and wisest of the Pecanpals. He is a master storyteller, often spending entire afternoons sitting under a tall palm tree, reading. He insists that all the knowledge you ever need to know is found in stories. Pecan likes to be aware of things that are happening on the island and makes sure to visit each and every person on his daily rounds/noferin


Pandacake is a photographer and an expert one at that! Dedicated to her art, Pandacake enjoys diving to the core of her subject matter and exploring the most intricate of details. She loves taking part in an event, but finds the ruckus a bit much to handle at times. She enjoys collecting flowers and wishes to someday fly with the dragonflies/noferin


Fanelli is an innovative and extremely clever lady; able to find the solution to almost any problem, no matter how big or small it is. With twin boys under her care, Fanelli’s oversized rattle acts as an extension of her emotions. A playful nature and thirst for adventure ensures that no two days are alike/Noferin


Theosaurus, Theo for short, is the name of this high-quality porcelain piggy bank. His name comes from the Latin term "thesaurus" (treasure). Piggy banks were invented in Asia Minor 4,000 years ago, and they have since spread around the world. They were once small chests in which savings were kept. Today, piggy banks are more rare than they once were, and Theo is, for this reason, all the more special. He stands there a proud, self-assured piggy bank, one of the last of his kind with his own story: His design originated from Morphorm/Martin Schatz, a product designer from Berlin in cooperation with Lee Kmji, a product designer from Busan/South Korea. Theo is produced in Thuringia by Wallendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur, a German porcellan manufacturer founded in 1764 and steeped in tradition. The shoes of the standing Theo are made from actual cork, a premium natural product, and are produced by the oldest cork specialist in Germany: the firm of Eugen Hackenschuh. The sitting version of Theo features a quality metal lock/Theo

Nalgene Kits

Nalgene - its not just a container… now they are using it as packaging! Brilliant and noteworthy move by nalgene which has already spread into so many markets - for being basically a container manufacturer… so its for scientific purposes, then outdoors, then travel/airport security checks, then kids, then various caps and kits and flasks… and now you can get Auto, First Aid, Preparedness, Heat Stress, Dog, and Kid kits! All in your usual 32oz classic nalgenes… each with a signature color for branding naturally. All of the contents of each kit are listed after the jump as well as more pics… and if you don’t find something like the First Aid or Preparedness kit as tempting as i do to leave in the car, etc… well it’s just an interesting idea… make your own! I’m sure you have a bunch of nalgenes unused around the house too.

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Route 29

Beautiful packaging for Route 29 designed by Minnieapolis based HartungKemp. More pics after the jump!

Fat Pig Chocolate

Fat Pig Chocolate Designed by NY based The Brooklyn Brothers


Preprinted mini color booklets of 20 cards by Shinebox ~ filled with monsters saying all the grumbly things you wish you could, or know you shouldnt… MONSTERS

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