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Mathieu Lehanneur

tree hotel

Stockholm-based architects Tham + Videgard Hansson Arkitekter have designed a hotel hidden in the trees, to be located in Harads, Sweden. Aluminium structures will be hung around tree trunks and clad in mirrored glass. The units will be accessible by rope ladder or rope bridge, each providing accommodation for two people including a living room, double bed, small kitchen, bathroom and roof terrace

light walk

This modern intervention in an old Geneva square (or actually... a trapezoid) by Swiss firm 2b Architectes is quite beautiful. The design manages to be completely modern, yet still evoke images of the past. Using traditional sandstone, as well as glass blocks or cobblestones in a random pattern, the architects are letting you in on a secret - a lake used to occupy this land. The closer you get to the location of the medieval lake, the closer the glass blocks are spaced/2barchitectes

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