środa, 21 stycznia 2009


Simple but mirthful style. A good size and weight that can hold most of heavy items. It can be placed anywhere in your area but look elegant. (e.g. on the desk, beside the bed and door). It can apply not just for books, but also for CDs and doors. Flexible function and elegant appearance brighten up your space!/Zuny


Zuny creates adorable animal-shaped leather accessories such as book ends and paper weights. I was initially drawn to the whimsical animals purely for their aesthetic, but was quickly delighted by their website as well... which is equally playful. Then, like the icing on the cake, I discovered their packaging! Zuny worked with the design team at Bonanza Brand Marketing Group to create miniature worlds for each animal. Whether it is a forest, grassland or ocean animal... each one comes with a little environment to call home.

piątek, 9 stycznia 2009

czwartek, 8 stycznia 2009

Museum of Modern Art Stock Stockholm

Sissi Edholm and Lisa Ullenius from Edholm Uilenius created this amazingly beautiful chocolate packaging for the gift shop in Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm

Another Fine Mess

Lovely package designs done by Arianna Toft while studying at Pratt Institute. Arianna is now a designer for Pearlfisher

sobota, 3 stycznia 2009

Frewaves Funrazor

Poster design for the world's first live immersive video event in Los Angeles, CA/Miguel Vega

Poster for event featuring live electronic music and visuals/Miguel Vega

Peppermint Bark

Philippe Becker

Deliciously fun

Loud & Lola is a brand new range of premixed cocktails that promises to bring the cocktail lounge to your lounge. Fun is the central ingredient to the design, with a focus on looking good and feeling good – fashion fused with a little rock n' roll!/designworks

Stark sophistication

Stark is a light and refreshing vodka pre-mix with a sparkling water base, infused with natural ingredients with no artificial flavours, colours, additives or added sugar. The packaging reflects the fresh and sexy attitude of the drink, as well as the real fruit flavours of lemon and lime, mandarin, and feijoa and apple/designworks
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