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Si Scott

Si Scott


JAQK Cellars is a new wine brand. One born of a long-time passion for great wine and a strong determination to inject a little fun into all aspects of life. Inspired by the Jack, Ace, Queen, and King in the deck of cards, JAQK Cellars is the playful family name for eight distinctive limited production wines, encompassing three from the Napa Valley, one from the Sonoma Coast, and four with a California appellation. The names of these wines tap in to the
allure and sophistication of the world of gaming—High Roller, Soldiers of Fortune (the Jacks), Black Clover (clubs), Pearl Handle (the derringers that tamed the gambling saloons), 22 Black (roulette), Bone Dance (craps), Her Majesty, (the Queens) and Charmed (the luckier the better). They do so in a way that brings about a smile even before the first sip is enjoyed.

Mission Skincare Concepts

Client: Mission Product Holding, Inc.
Background: To create a range of packaging that demonstrates a high level of performance and social responsibility while remaining linked to the skin care category.
Undertaking: To create a balance and synergy between the worlds of performance, philanthropy and cosmetics, this product creates a new category unto itself. Visual cues to ensure that the product is understood as something more essential than other cosmetics - this is a product that works as hard, and cares as much as the consumer does.

When you are in a groove, you are constantly moving, you are relentless, in the zone. Groove's logo was based around these ideas, and made to look stable and smooth. Something hip that you can rely on to get you through.

Groove Enhanced h2o was developed to give some real meaning to the current energy drink/special water craze. Each Groove is enhanced with attributes like stamina, strength, endurance, and so on. The customer is encouraged to go online to FindYourGroove.com and complete a survey which tells them which water is right for their personal lifestyle/brutus


McCraw's was a small Texas-based company with a rich history of quality and simplicity; all of which I set out to reflect when developing their new logo and packaging for their full line of confections/Craig Skinner's Portfolio

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Dizzy by Yoplait

Yoplait has recently launched it's first soft drink for the French market, displayed in the fresh food section of the supermarket: a sparkling, refreshing milk-based drink.


As with most Coca-Cola products, they require unique packaging. Ipsei, a noncarbonated fruit drink manufactured by Coca-Cola and sold in Europe, has a unique bottle (designed by Barber Osgerby) that was designed to be easily grasped.

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got a light?

Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee

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Sprout Seed Kits

Set of seed packs which come with a guide book on how to care for your sprout/designslave

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