wtorek, 13 marca 2012

Ike stool

studio dreimann

Bench Mould Mirrors

In the line of Running Mould, where a zinc profile was pushed through wet plaster to sculpt a bench, Bench Mould Mirrors give a new interpretation of the artisanal technique of making plaster cornices found in classical architecture.
The Mirrors complete a series composed of Bench Mould Funriture and Shelves/Glithero

sobota, 10 marca 2012

Trivet Stick

A triangular stand for pots and pans. When not in use, it can straighten out to be stored with cooking spoons and spatulas. 2 magnets make a simple and effective hinge/Klauser and Carpenter

Canteen Table

We were asked by Canteen restaurants to design a “cost effective table suitable for commercial and residential applications”. Rather than a standalone table, we chose to design a universal table leg. Drawing on the BA chair by Ernest Race, which Canteen were using in their restaurants, we decided that cast aluminium would be the perfect process and material. The Leg fixes directly to the underside of a tabletop. Its integral strength eliminates the need for any additional bracing. The legs are available in combination with a range of different table tops. Alternatively they come as a set of legs only for self-assembly/Klauser and Carpenter

1 Mould = X vases

A plaster mould is created from a hand turned vase. The life of a common plaster mould allows for use of up to 70 times. This project is based on the reproduction of a mould until it is worn out. The vase would be replicated as many times as the mould would allow.
The extraction of the vase from the mould would be done without any sort of retouching, making the mould
’s wear visible in the final result/apparatu
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