sobota, 29 sierpnia 2009

6 Degrees

6 Degrees is aflexible shelving system based on a module, that multiplied allows creating many diverse configurations/Maja Ganszyniec

Plugless sink

Plugless sink is exactly that, a sink without a plughole. To get rid of the grey water we have to tip the water out. By doing so we become more conscious of how much water we are using and mainly throwing away. This sink shows the value of water through its volume and promotes water re-usage. I was inspired by the old traditional bowls for domestic water usage; this sink allows to use the water in a more traditional and, I believe, much more enjoyable and pleasant way/Maja Ganszyniec

wtorek, 25 sierpnia 2009

hey. sailor


Print magazine

Front cover and feature opener for Print's October 2009 issue/Non-Format

Fan Cage Noguchi inspired Lamp

Rodney Allen Trice

poniedziałek, 24 sierpnia 2009

wine musem

Diego Feijóo studio


herdresser identity based on stamps idea/alexis rom estudio

locked up

Karl Zinsmaster

simple and clear

Karl Zinsmaster, Bjorn Ricke, Summer Covell, and Travis Bookler have been collaborating on a series they call Constructs. Investigating the "legitimacy of material, icon and author," design classics are remade in humbler materials that evoke the shop: Castiglioni's Arco lamp is interpreted as a cinder block, a work lamp, conduit and paint; Le Corbusier's Petite Lounge is reconstructed from rebar and Quikrete packages; the classic Noguchi table is replicated in Oriented Strand Board; and a historical Mondrian painting is remade in ceramic tile samples.


via: apartment therapy

smart and cheap


wtorek, 18 sierpnia 2009


pinch for SCP



Yves writing desk

Solid Walnut desk with leather top and two drawers/pinch

ANDERS light

The original inspiration for Anders came from haute couture fashion which led us to use the traditional hat making skills of a leading London based milliner. Layers of fabric create a sculptural and ethereal pendant light/pinch

czwartek, 13 sierpnia 2009


new Swedish lighting brand Wästberg launched last night with task lights designed by Ilse Crawford/via: dezeen

środa, 12 sierpnia 2009

Cluster Lamp

Cluster Lamp by Joel Degermark has gone into production with dutch brand Moooi

Animal Tales

German design team ding3000 present a new animal-inspired collection of furniture, lighting and accessories called Animal Tales at Salone Satellite in Milan. The collection features a sofa inspired by an Afghan hound, a vase that imitates a baby cuckoo, a floorlight resembling a giraffe and a sideboard based on a mule/ding3000

Lamp OOO

The lamp is designed to hold a stack of books and the designers are releasing a limited edition of 99 of the lamps that come complete with a hand-selected and signed set of books. Lamp OOO is the first collaboration between italian architect Sergio Maninno (1969) and dutch designer Jan Habraken (1975). Sergio Mannino started his career in italy wit a crossbreed between art and architecture. With praise by late Ettore Sottsass Mannino created his first furniture concepts at the Postdesign-Memphis gallery in Milan.

ceramic and wood

The Scantling floor and pendant lamp were created by Mathias Hahn of OKAYstudio

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