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Helios by Spigoli Vivi is no ordinary chair. Taking the idea that a chair isn’t always used only as a chair, Spigoli Vivi created a chair that is to be used as a bedside table. The chair’s seat is used as a table or shelf and included in the back of the chair is a light

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Hand made glass vessels filled with gas are charged with current and suspended. In daylight they are translucent with a hint of natural colour. In darkness they have a unique and beautiful aesthetic all of their own with strikingly vivid colours/Paul Cocksedge

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Contemporary domestic spaces tend to be sleek and cool but often miss cozy intimate corners. Oyster is a versatile piece of furniture. When folded it is a cushion, when unfolded it creates a cozy and comfortable private shelter/kawamura-ganjavian

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socks for furniture

adorable! and those socks! Stools can stand alone or in a row. Alone it is a beautiful small seat. In a line it becomes a long bench/Studio taschide for Side by Side


No more acrobatic finger exercises at the Asian restaurant! The chop-pins help the untrained to look like a pro and are sure to attract attention/Chris Koens for Side by Side

Photosynthesis Lamp

Meirav Barzilay is a designer from Tel Aviv who has a new product called Photosynthesis Lamp. It’s a lamp made of a metal grid with a vine at its base. Bringing both light and nature into your home, you choose the type of vine and let the plant become the lampshade, creating a unique light pattern and brightness for you.

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Table, bench, chair

While most Japanese trains have standard benches and armrests, the Yamonote line has a bench with a lone gold seat in the middle. Interested in the way people reacted to the space, Hecht applied his characteristic, minimal elegance punctuating a solid oak base with Bentwood arms and legs/Sam Hecht for Established & Sons

Capra stools

The elegant combination of white plastic and wood is a mix of materials that makes for a reassuringly traditional feel but with a contemporary edge./Michael Young for Accupunto

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A collective of young architects and designers from AlArchitects of Prague have designed a range of jewellery made from recycled medical waste. Reclaimed infusion lids and lengths of hose are adapted and augmented to create decorative earrings, bracelets and necklaces/a1architects

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Systême D

Systême D - kitchen storage/usin-e


What we aim at is creating a link between things apparently in contrast: persons, techniques, materials. Creating paradoxes, tension and lightness, emptiness and fragility, like the world around us/usin-e

The chair on the rack

Why is this chair far too long? And why does the drawer never close? Sometimes the senseless provides new senses. In this project I wanted to destroy old furniture and give new meaning to it. I chose to first cut and then to extend it. While this “disables” them, they now offer new opportunities to the user. The “chair on the rack” offers extra space to put a laptop or book beside you. Furthermore, two people can sit on it or you can try various new positions to relax/Jennifer Rieker

desk lamp

Desk lamp made of two lengths of powder coated mild steel/Leila Chouikh

bender stool

worn-out chair legs and found wood can be attached to the laser-cut seat with the help of cable ties, resulting in a stool that can be constructed completely tool-free/Paul Evermann


Cloud softlight creates an undulating overhead canopy of soft luminous forms. Group clusters of cloud to create vast cloudscapes flowing in a unique topography. The hollow cloud forms are internally lit by LED light, making the sculptural three-dimensional forms mysteriously radiant when viewed from any direction. cloud can be hung in any combination of three sizes of clusters, tailored to the individual space they are shaping. Alternately, individual pendants in four different sizes can be suspended. Made from the same translucent white textile material as urchin softlight and textile softwall + softblock, these pieces complement each other to create fluid, sculptural environments/molo

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DUPLEX is an acquarium/cage favouring an improbable encounter between a bird and a fish. The aquarium is thermoformed so as to create a space where the bird can fly at the same visual level as the fish. A surprising encounter that evokes the impossible fusion between the air and the waterworld/Constance Guisset


VERTIGO is an enveloping lamp that creates a space of intimacy. The lightness of the lamp (less than 500g for 2 square meters amplitude) makes it mobile to the rythm of the air: it turns softly, projecting an almost transparent graphic space between the floor and the ceiling/Constance Guisset


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