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Double Bracket

Shelf bracket, accomodating two shelves/Michael Marriott


Oscar Narud

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The simplicity of the section and rawness of the wood fused well together. The result is a range of interior objects, including lamps, a chair, a ruler, hooks, trestles all made in the same 1 x 1 wood sections/studio mama


t.n.a. design studio

Donkey 3

Re-design of Isokon's historical piece 'Penguin Donkey' designed by Egon Riss in 1939 and 'Penguin Donkey 2' by Ernest Race in 1963. To adopt contemporary needs, small table top is added to put mug and lap-top computer, also shelf size adjusted for CD and DVD. Cut out handles add mobility for the piece, too/t.n.a. design studio


A chest of drawers, can be turned into a low coffee table by single action - lift by top drawer handles. Inspired by traditional Japanese dining room, which was turned into bedroom at night, it was one of experimentations on furniture with dual function/t.n.a. design studio

Ro-Ro rocking chair

The rocking chair made from steam bent beech. The front legs and rocking runners share the same curve, and the arm & backrest is formed from a single piece of solid timber/t.n.a. design studio

Transport Lamp

The portable lamp for bedside, decked terrace or wherever you want a light. It is a simply instructed flat pack kit. The self-assembly forms the user's contribution to reduce CO2, as every cubic volume is crucial for fuel saving during the goods transportation/t.n.a. design studio


Oskar Zięta


The stools are made from hydro-formed metal; two sheets of metal are welded together following the outline of the stool, which is then filled with fluid under pressure/Oskar Zieta

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This object define a space for reading and provide a good light. It allows the reader to put his favourite sit under. Realissed for the Monica Danet prize, materials: Steel, Aluminium & Plexiglas size: 200 cm x 210 cm x 71 cm/Adrien Rovero

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Pinça + ganxo= Pinxo/Ferran Lajara



have a need?



simple/Pedro Ochando

Caballete 001

Pedro Ochando


PLUG-ON is a collection of lamps that bring the act of turning a light on back to its basics thus giving a little magic to that moment and making us more aware of its relevance. The lamp has been liberated from all superfluous elements in order to emphasise its rawness. The series include different formats such as a column, a bundle, different table top and wall lamps and some incorporate a socket to further connect electrical accessories or even to make combinations of different PLUG-ON units/studio kawamura-ganjavian


Most book stands are conceived for reading out in public while standing up. Alternatively, people tend to do silent reading resting the book on a table or holding it up with their arms in a rather tiring position. READ-IN-PEACE is a low book stand aimed at making the reading ritual more comfortable. It has the right height for using it while sitting on a bench, sofa or on the toilet/studio kawamura-ganjavian


STICKINGRINGS is a modular partition system that can be assembled freely, intuitively and very fast. The adjustable density and porosity of the resulting screen allows different degrees of privacy.
The system consists of an array of diverse diameter rings that click onto each other thanks to the Dual-Lock system. This product has been conceived in collaboration with the company 3M and it received the first prize in the 2008 Young Artists Award by Ayuntamiento de Madrid in the product design category/studio kawamura-ganjavian

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simple combination of two functions lighting and seating/Łukasz Wysoczyński


designed by Mashallah Design & Xavier Manosa/apparatu

scotch lamp

the lamp can be placed in a different positions. the huge amont of facettes enables the user to adjust the light in any direction he wishes/designed by Mashallah Design & Xavier Manosa/apparatu

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