niedziela, 4 października 2009

Bujaki Zwierzaki

The initial idea was to make a rocking toy from termal-forming plywood. However it was a technology too expensive for Vox (Patataj - erlier concept project - won special price in Vox Furniture Competition), therefore I proposed a cheaper, simpler and technologically more possible version.
Family offers diferent types of rocking. It depends on a few factors. First: size. Some of the toys are taller than the others, some of them are shorter or wider. Most important is the measure of rockers. It allows children to choose a type of rocking they prefer. It can be more dynamic or static, depending on child's age.
Bujaki Zwierzaki are an interpretation of classical childern toy - rocking horse. What inspired me most in creating the abstract profiles of animals were children’s imaginary creatio
ns, animals and cartoons/BA project by Łukasz Wysoczyński

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