sobota, 10 grudnia 2011


Series of floating boats in cork and plastic/big game

niedziela, 27 listopada 2011


TOR is a side table that does not need a fixed location, it is designed to be moved around. The legs extend through the tabletop creating the grip and giving the table its playful and charming character. The raised rim of the surface prevents objects from falling off. TOR is made of powder coated aluminum and can be ordered in six different colors: intense black, signall white, signall grey, reseda green, pastel turquoise and violet pastel/Ralf Lambie and Johan van Hengel

czwartek, 24 listopada 2011


Remember being a child and having the freedom to imagine life in outer space? To play pretend games with robots and other planets? To escape into a world unknown?As adults, outer space is just as fun to dream about. It is from a childhood fascination with life in the stars and robotic fantasies that Jangir Maddadi first proposed The Droid Lamp/Jangir Maddadi

piątek, 7 października 2011


Bol is a side table but also a bowl, where things can be placed and stored. It consists of a pressed metal shell, hold on three points and a frame made of ash wood. The frame can be easily taken apart and packed/Sarah Boettger


One divided by eight equals six - Not a matter of arithmetic but of eight different places cuts! Inspired by the manufacturing process of glass, all vessels derive from the same basic shape. Using a flexible ring and fitted plastic lids it is possible to combine and close them/ Sarah Boettger

niedziela, 18 września 2011

Collective works

‘Collective works’ is a production process which is just fully functioning when people pay attention to the producing machine. Reacting to its audience, the process translates the flow of people into an object. The resulting outcome varies in colour and size just like the level of interest is varying during the time of production. As soon as one person is coming close and looks at the machine, the production process is started: A wooden 24mm wide veneer-strip is pulled through a glue basin and slowly coiled up around a 20mm thick wooden base. Since the turning platform with the base moves downwards the veneer strip slowly builds up a basket. Once a second person joins to look at the process, a light tone colour is added via a marker onto the veneer. The more people come to look at the machine, the more markers are activated, each with a gradient darker tone. This goes up to four markers, at the same time, staining the veneer-strip black. The interaction is possible due to sensors in the frame of the machine which detect the audience.Depending on the overall interaction time the baskets' height is defined. The more often somebody stops by to watch the process the higher the outcome gets. The machine directly reacts to each observer and thus the outcome is as well directly depending on the audience. Every spectator leaves a mark on the object and therefore each basket becomes an unique record of the people's interest in the object's production. A basket – a vessel used to collect something becomes a collection of data by itself. If nobody is interested in the project, it stops producing at all and the final object just does not get made. This can be seen as 'production on interest'. 'Collective works' also questions the relation between man and machine. The audience is turned into workers even tough their effort is basically just their time they spend with the machine - but time is what most of us lack. Somehow. Normally many machines in factories just need some technician to monitor the production and suddenly one machine needs some audience to produce colourful, vivid outcomes/Mischer Traxler

środa, 7 września 2011

wtorek, 30 sierpnia 2011

Structend Light

Cláudio Cigarro has created a pendant light based on the structures of tents, canvas stretched over a supporting framework, and their characteristic appearance at night. Structend consists of a structure, internal lighting and a covering, similar to that found on recreational tents. Cigarro's coating adapts to the shape of the structure and is removable for replacement, cleaning or color change. The interior lighting also has a different color coating to create a visual experience for the viewer/Claudio Cigarro

środa, 3 sierpnia 2011


WOW is designed for coins, keys, cards and other pocket sized things. 'wow' form is inspired from Latvian ethnographic symbol - mara, which reflects to mothers love and safety, which can be seen in the wow cups - reminding cradle. Shelf is bent from single, specially cut aluminium sheet, fixed together and powder coated in different colours for different interior/Arthur Analts

piątek, 22 lipca 2011

Clamped Stool

The ‘Clamped Stool’ is a three leg knock-down stool, assembled with a single clamp based joint, integrated with one of the stools legs that locks the whole construction together, giving it its strength. The concept of the ‘Clamped Stool’ was born after I looked at some DIY furniture and thought to myself that they are not so simple to assemble and there is more desperation than satisfaction from the process of the assembly. I decided to design a knock down stool that the whole construction will be held on a single joint, familiar from the field of hardware tools and this way will be easy and intuitive to assemble and fun and satisfying at the same time/Daniel Glazman
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