czwartek, 28 lutego 2008


Aluminum pulltab chair. The sitting of his lounge chair, suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes, has been made of 1739 aluminum can tabs. They are tied up to each other, and attached to a lightweight aluminum frame.

środa, 27 lutego 2008

wtorek, 26 lutego 2008


Hippie designs! From the Ideaco collection flowery “Animal Bank” moneyboxes.

packing and product

packing more

packing - japan rulez

sweet and mniam

niedziela, 24 lutego 2008

Alexander Girard

sweet and wooden. Alexander Girard

Alto Vase

In 1936, Finnish architect and furniture designer Alvar Aalto anonymously entered a competition to design a vase suitable for showing at the Paris Worlds Fair. Aaltos vase, which he sketched out with Crayon on cardboard and scratch paper, became one of the most famous pieces of glass in history. Aalto, coincidentally Finnish for wave, created a vase that has free-flowing and natural lines. Also known as the Savoy vase, Aaltos vase continues to win awards, has residency in famous museums, and is recognized and appreciated in hundreds of countries.
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