wtorek, 27 lipca 2010


SHE is an Oslo, Norway-based design studio fronted by Silje Søfting and Eva Marit Tøftum. Both designers came up with a type of textile made of wool and thermoplastic yarns and constructed of structural pleats. The textile is implemented in their series of furniture: a lounge chair, an ottoman and a room divider

poniedziałek, 26 lipca 2010

off cuts

As part of the State of Design festival 2010 we designed & made some bar seats using reclaimed material for a working licensed bar. The main material is sourced from timber off-cuts. The tops are finished with linseed oil putty and wax/Edwards Moore

piątek, 23 lipca 2010

The Somerset House Bookshop

The Somerset House Book Stall System is a clever multifunctional book display and storage solution, which fulfils the needs of the small in space Somerset House new Bookshop. The Book Stall System is a solution to the bad sales of books in stores, emerging within the growth of the “online” shopping/Fotis Evans

simple noble combination

Tortie Hoare was awarded the New Designer of the Year prize for her boiled leather furniture. The judges celebrated Tortie’s innovation, personal passion and an incredible sensitivity to materials which has reinvented a lost process from medieval times to produce an outstanding collection of contemporary furniture

Winter Berlin

Matthias Heiderich

Color Berlin

Matthias Heiderich

Alliance of democracy

We were asked to create a tram-ad to support the Alliance of democracy. They wanted to send a shout out and say no to nazis. Because in the Berlin-district of Oberschöneweide there are two hotspots of the neo-fascists: A bar and the headquarter of the nationalists party, where the tram is passing by. We mixed up a whole bunch of heads to show faces against fascism. With this work we want to advert for respect and diversity/peach beach


Most of the existing products are bulky and using quite a lot of materials. I simplified it in terms of both material and manufacturing processes. This tape dispenser is made out of a powder-coated mild steel sheet using laser cutting. It comes completely flat-packed and users will fold it to make it function as a tape dispenser. To achieve the purpose of making it flat-packed, I twisted the way of dispensing tape so that the tape can be placed horizontally. The track-shaped cuts both on the top and bottom are designed for more stable use with screw such as hanging on the wall and using on the edge of a desk/Yuya Kurata

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