środa, 6 stycznia 2010

wtorek, 5 stycznia 2010

chair for disobedient behavior

Tilt is a chair challenging the rule of not tilting chairs while you sit. But almost everyone does it, so why not make a chair that can endure it? The ordinary chair will sooner or later break. So, of course I can understand my mother´s concerns when I was a child.../Peter Andersson

soul birds

The "soul birds" are based on a an ancient belief that the soul bird (or Sielulintu) was thought to deliver the soul to newborn babies and also to transport the soul to the afterlife at the moment of death. It was believed the Sielulintu protected a persons soul at it's most vulnerable; when dreaming, and it was tradition to keep a carved wooden bird by the bedside to keep the soul safe during sleep/sanna annukka/via: freshly blended

poniedziałek, 4 stycznia 2010

concrete and wood fibre stools

Gitta Gschwendtner


The 'white_collection' is made of a new biodegradable material, enhanced with a glossy surface finishing/pandora design
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