środa, 22 października 2008


JAQK Cellars is a new wine brand. One born of a long-time passion for great wine and a strong determination to inject a little fun into all aspects of life. Inspired by the Jack, Ace, Queen, and King in the deck of cards, JAQK Cellars is the playful family name for eight distinctive limited production wines, encompassing three from the Napa Valley, one from the Sonoma Coast, and four with a California appellation. The names of these wines tap in to the
allure and sophistication of the world of gaming—High Roller, Soldiers of Fortune (the Jacks), Black Clover (clubs), Pearl Handle (the derringers that tamed the gambling saloons), 22 Black (roulette), Bone Dance (craps), Her Majesty, (the Queens) and Charmed (the luckier the better). They do so in a way that brings about a smile even before the first sip is enjoyed.

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