czwartek, 3 lutego 2011


Beginning of this project was the fascination of the fantastic shapes that can be achieved by folding a single piece of paper. We are constantly working with models and paper templates in our work process, and we were interested in the relation between the defined forms and the thin material. Therefore parallel to our shape studies a process occurred with material research in order to find the right material to forward these shapes and to perform a chair with this paperthin and simple expression.
It has been a long and complex process, and prior to the final prototype we have realized a wide range of models in 1:1 both in thermoforming, veneer and iron. The final result is made of a 3 mm aluminum sheet, thereas the name 3 mm chair, and this ultrathin aluminum shell, is placed on a cantilever structure, which makes the shell float in the back. The structure is more robust than the shell, which creates a strong contrast that makes the shell seem even lighter, and look just like a sheet of folded paper/Gam Fratesi

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