sobota, 21 listopada 2009


A water tap inspired by the philosophy of Martin heidegger. Pouring out of the stone bottle is giving. Graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
The "gutter tap" is based on the philosophy of Heidegger: Pouring out of a jar is regarded as offering. My design transforms this pouring jar image into a pouring tap. The tap comprises of a vertical pipe, with a gutter in a hinge at the lower end, suggesting an up and down moving handle. In the upward position, the tap is closed, while the gutter neatly covers the pipe as one piece. Moved down-wards, the tap opens and water starts running along the gutter, thus unfolding the "offering" gesture. The sight of running water along the extended gutter increases the awareness of water being a precious gift/Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders

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