sobota, 18 września 2010


Bemdem is created in the spirit of craftsmanship. Indeed, in our hyper-industrial society, the knowledge of the craftsman is gradually extracted to be formalized and cut into tasks. If the craftsman with his knowledge had complete control of the process, in the industrial world the naturally established links between head and hand, between man and machine are divided into sub-functions. Bemdem is created in being in turns, user, designer, tester, researcher, manufacturer. Thus, the distinctions are blurring. Links can be created between: the contact with materials, the craftsmanship experienced, the mastering of tools. The “making is thinking”, when working with the hand, alloys to understand the characteristics of the materials, their secrets, their strengths, and to discover their real limits. Imagination then allows perceiving opportunities for improvements and new uses. From this process for the Bemdem a provocative, innovative and curious association has spring out. The Bendem’s enamel porcelain feet unite delicacy and robustness. The craftsmanship process of Bemdem appears in the final product through the finishing details. This is the testimony of the intelligent hand of the craftsman/Chenyi Ke&Lisa Allegra

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