piątek, 28 stycznia 2011


Areas of life blend, rooms loose their fixed assignments and functions. Due to the blurring of boundaries new requirements for the environment and their products arise. In this context the furniture Beaugars was developed.It offers space to lay, hang up and store objects of daily use. Its most distinctive feature, its mutability, results from the flexibility of the two arcs, which can be rotated in 360°.Therefore Beaugars adapts easily and can be, according to the available space, either compact or expansive. Beaugars consists of a bench made of massive wood, two metal arcs and three wooden hook-elements.The bench has five legs altogether: three wooden and two metal ones. Whereas the wooden legs are massive the metal ones are hollow due to their function as the mountings of the arcs.Both arcs can be moved around the seating area in 360 degrees. I try to create functional objects that shall be used and lived with by people in the long term.Every detail of an object needs to be thought of and justified, but this austerity should not show in the design. I rather wish my objects to appear light and easy to handle/Meike Langer

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