sobota, 2 lipca 2011


This project aims to solve the problems around a traditional spout by providing a 'roof' for liquid to run underneath. Pouring from the spout on a teapot for example, it drips, liquid tends to gather around the edges creating limescale and it is a difficult shape to access for washing. The spout also faces upwards, offering an opening for any dust or particles to enter the vessel, when left on the table. Roofers solve these problems by removing the spout from the vessel and replacing it underneath the lid. The 'roof' has no opening, so protects the contents, while the curve pushes the liquid back into the vessel after pouring, which prevents any drips forming.
There are three types of object; jugs, a thermos and teapot. It works with any kind of liquid, without large solids; hot or cold water, milk, tea, coffee, orange juice (with bits), soy sauce, various oils etc.
It also makes the flow beautiful/studio koya
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