środa, 3 lutego 2010


The cutlery set “Cutt” is exemplary of Thomas Feichtner‘s experimental approach. Challenging the functional and ergonomic requirements on cutlery it surprises the user with its functionality only when it is actually used. Individual surfaces folded as to a bowl turn out to be the body of the spoon and the fork. The shape of Cutt is only defined by a few points, lines and areas. Not only the formal expression has priority but also the material. Austria’s industrial cutlery production has largely either migrated or been shut down. Only traditional Viennese silver manufacturers still manufacture cutlery. This was another reason why Thomas Feichtner wanted to develop – in formal terms – an autonomous and manufacturally contrivable design concept rather than draw on the industrial esthetic of the modernity. He deliberately overrides the general rules of the designing process and makes the design functions follow form. The cutlery set was initially manufactured on a small scale by Vienna‘s Wiener Silber Manufaktur. “Cutt“ has already found its way into several cutlery and design collections/Thomas Feichtner

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