środa, 3 lutego 2010


Founded in 1859, Stamm defines itself as publisher for Austrian design in combination with traditional crafts. The focus is on dining culture with collections made of combined materials and silver, crystal and porcelain accessories. The latest project in cooperation with the Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner and his “Reset“ dinnerware set shows that contemporary design and careful handicraft and tradition complete each other perfectly and produce extraordinary results. The design of the dinnerware set forgoes classic characteristics of tableware. Whether plates, bowls or glasses - the side walls of all receptacles taper toward the bottom edge, which creates an almost light-footed appearance. Although the bottom is smaller than the top, the structure is not less stable than that of a conventional receptacle of the same height. A shift in the center of gravity provides the required stability. Thomas Feichtner intentionally breaks with obligatory semantics of design. It is a break that has had a long tradition in architecture but is provocative in design. Another unique feature is the use of identical shapes in different materials like silver, crystal and porcelain. “Reset“ is a dinnerware set that can be combined freely and at the same time creates formal cohesion. The name “Reset“ was chosen for this collection as a sign of the new beginning of the Stamm brand. “Reset“ was first shown on the occasion of the Vienna Design Week 2009/Thomas Feichtner

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