sobota, 25 lutego 2012

The Bento chair is a prime example of what One Nordic represents – it’s founded in Nordic design ideology in terms of material and form, combined with the playfulness of mechanical toys and the functionality of Japanese lunch boxes. “The broad legs are a wink at the tradition of bending wood, but at the same time it’s a bit bold. It’s definitely messing with your preconceptions of Nordic design”, says designer PetrusPalmér from Form Us With Love. All Bento products are shipped in semi-flat boxes in order to ease global transportation and save storage space. Once at your doorstep, you can easily assemble the chair in just four simple steps. The chair will be available in in black, white and turquoise/form us with love

What’s special about the way Bento is assembled?

We didn’t want to make flat-packed furniture that would require tools. We tried to find a way to make it as easy and enjoyable for the customer as possible. That’s why we decided to go for no tools, no instructions. It should be as easy as it could be, and that’s basically the idea.

What is the most important element of the design?

Instant likeability. We wanted to make sure that Bento is clear in its design in the sense that the viewer instantly “gets” what the chair or the table is all about. That the furniture communicates with its form, style and material what the idea behind the design is.

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