sobota, 25 lutego 2012

Table Light

A medium sized light ideal for a desk, table or side table. Composed of a painted outer and polished inner stainless steel hemisphere, painted steel post, maple wood base and 60w half mirrored globe bulb (G40). Inspired by the specular reflections and rays of light, the design is heavily weighted on function and has a strong graphical presence.The goal was to create a light that would illuminate the table surface as well as the ceiling while leaving the space in-between free from direct light. The half mirrored globe bulb reflects all the light down and onto the table surface while reflecting the light captured in the hemisphere upward where the warmth of the textured yellow post is added to the ceiling and surroundings.When seen from above the surroundings are reflected in the mirrored bulb while acting as the shade preventing the light from shinning into the person’s eyes.The maple wood base adds warmth and feeling to the strong graphic/geometric composition of the lamp.The lamp is finished off with a white braided electrical cord/Lukas Peet
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